6 May 2019

What are people saying about the Advance Project?

User feedback and peer reviews from clinicians like Newcastle based GP Dimity Pond are a vital part of the development of the program.

What are people saying about the Advance Project?

Extensive input and feedback from our expert advisory group, GPs, general practice nurses, practice managers, and consumer representatives, as well as literature reviews, have been foundational in developing the Advance Project Toolkit and training program. Feedback from participants is also a key resource in developing and refining the project.

Dr Dimity Pond, a practising GP in Newcastle:

“Sometimes in the rush, stress and uncertainty that accompanies an acute health crisis, patients and their families don’t get an opportunity to sit down and think about what they really want. It is important to give opportunities for people to have conversations and plan for their future medical treatment care in advance, before a time comes when they may not be able to make or express their decisions.

To help you and your practice in incorporating advance care planning into your routine, the Advance Care Project team, in collaboration with GPs such as myself, has developed a number of tools and resources as well as online learning modules. I would encourage you to complete the learning modules, which will provide you with more specific information and practical tips to help you incorporate advance care planning with your patients."

Watch the full video conversation with Dr Pond here

Participant feedback – Advance Project nurse training:

“Great resource to get advance care planning off the ground in GP land and identify gaps and open doors for patient concerns and care provision. Patient-centred care at its best!”

Consumer review of patient and carer resources:

“It covers the very broad range of what patients and carers have to consider, including some difficult issues, but it doesn’t feel daunting or overwhelming. A person-centred approach is clearly evident.”

Participant feedback – Advance Project nurse training:

“I thought the videos were extremely powerful and used very well throughout the online training”.

Participant feedback – Advance Project GP training:

“This has been immensely useful, helping me to gain confidence on a difficult topic that I concede isn’t well incorporated so far into our daily practice.”

Like to know more?

The Advance Project is available free of charge to all GPs, nurses and practice managers throughout Australia. For more information visit the Advance Project website.


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