The Advance Project® is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care as a National Palliative Care Project. The National Palliative Care Projects seek to improve the provision of high quality palliative care in Australia by supporting projects focusing on education, training, quality improvement and advance care planning. More information about the National Palliative Care Projects is available at https://www.health.gov.au/health-topics/palliative-care/about-palliative-care/what-were-doing-about-palliative-care.

We acknowledge the generous contribution of time and expertise by the members of the Project Advisory Group. We would like to acknowledge the work of Changineers and the Pam McLean Centre, in particular Dr Renee Lim, and K-Films in helping to produce the videos that are included in the eLearning modules. In addition, we are very grateful for Changineers assistance with development of the Dementia Specific eLearning modules, and Sue Stoecker and Madelaine de Valle’s input into the development of the General Practice eLearning modules. We thank Kelly Arthurs, Dr Peter Roach, Jennifer Gavin and Jolan Stokes for their excellent work contributing to the development and delivery of face-to-face training and/or tele-mentoring support for general practice participants. We thank Professor Dimity Pond and Ms Helen Siegertsz for their significant contributions to the GP and practice manager eLearning modules, respectively.

We would like to acknowledge the work of our commercial partners, Tony O’Halloran from Constellation Strategy, Morton Blacketer, and Richard Knight of Freshmint Design for their assistance in developing the Advance Project website, promotional materials and/or flow charts. We thank Simon Malcolm from Simon Malcolm Productions for assistance with developing training and promotional videos for the General Practice training.

Many professionals working in aged and primary care and people with lived experience of dementia and chronic disease and their carers and family members contributed their time to the review of content, resources and products associated with this project or as volunteers for filming of videos. We particularly like to acknowledge and thank the following people for their contribution.

Contribution to the Dementia specific training and resources:

  • Ms Madeleine Juhrmann
  • Mr Simon John
  • Ms Cate Diblasio
  • Ms Natalie Malloy
  • Mr Tom Gauci
  • Ms Nicola Nolan
  • Ms Nell Hawe
  • Ms Imelda Gilmore
  • Mr Ron Sinclair
  • Ms Deanne Morris
  • Ms Limor Weingarten
  • Dr Peter Roach
  • Ms Roshni Acharya
  • Mr Richard Arthur
  • Reverend Stephen Calder
  • Wendy Hill, Carers NSW
  • Ms Hareni Nimalan
  • Ms Alison Davis
  • Ms Lois Haultein
  • Ms Kathryn Ridley
  • Ms Marisa Vallance
  • Mr Steven Flanagan
  • Ms Anu Upadhyaya
  • Ms Melissa Barks
  • Ms Sally Grosvenor
  • Ms Cassandre Varella Chang
  • Ms Kelly Arthurs
  • Mr Paul Leeden
  • Ms Kate Ford
  • Dr Raechel Damarell
  • Ms Joy Robinson
  • Ms Colleen McDonald
  • Ms Joo Ling Tan
  • Ms Tina Papworth
  • Ms Merilyn Seaton
  • Ms Cherry Ramos
  • Mr Jeffrey Navarro
  • Ms Jan Pedrola
  • Ms Anu Thomas
  • Mr Sheldon Omwamba
  • Dr Maria Espinosa
  • Ms Marilyn Magtoto

Contribution to the General Practice training and resources:

  • Mr John Nadjarian
  • Ms Roma Dicker
  • Ms Beth Salleras
  • Ms Robyn Goodwin
  • Dr Sandra Bradley
  • Ms Fran Simon
  • Carers Australia
  • Volunteers from Northern Beaches palliative care service
  • PC4 Joint Consumer Advisory Group
  • Ms Emma Cabuil
  • Prof Susan Wilson
  • Mr John Michael Dasey
  • Mrs Diana Vuong-Thomas
  • Ms Polly Whitworth
  • Mr Tim Dixon

Page last updated 11 August 2022