Professional Tele-mentoring

An experienced palliative care nurse is available to provide individual telephone mentoring and coaching regarding implementing the Advance assessment skills into practice. This opportunity can help to further consolidate your learning after completion of the eLearning program for GPs, practice nurses and practice managers. Alternatively, you may like assistance in getting orientated to the Advance ProjectTM resources.

Mentoring that involves discussion and reflection can improve understanding and retention of information. Furthermore, mentoring can increase the likelihood of transfer of learning into work practices. As part of the Advance ProjectTM you have the opportunity to take part in an individual telephone mentoring/coaching session with our palliative care nurse educator and mentor at a time that is convenient for you.

Depending on what other training you have already undertaken as part of the Advance ProjectTM, the aims of the mentoring session are to:

  • Orientate you to the Advance ProjectTM resources and training options (where applicable)
  • Consolidate your learning from the Advance ProjectTM eLearning modules
  • Identify any challenges and develop strategies for implementing the Advance ProjectTM assessment tools into your clinical practice.


For the general practice team

Small group sessions via videoconference may also be arranged as part of an in-service for a general practice team meeting, once at least one champion GP or nurse has been identified within the practice and this person has completed the eLearning modules.

For nurses

One-on-one mentoring can also generate 1 CPD Hour for general practice nurses. One hour of active learning will equal one hour of CPD which includes 15 minutes preparation, 30 minutes discussion with mentor and 15 minutes reflective practice. The CPD must be relevant to the nurse or midwife’s context of practice. Documentation of self-directed CPD must include dates, a brief description of the outcomes, and the number of hours spent in each activity.


ANMC (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council) (2009): Continuing Competence Framework for Nursing and Midwives Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia: Guidelines for Continuing Professional Development.

Contact Details

The Advance ProjectTM Palliative Care Nurse Educator / Mentor

Email: AdvanceProject@hammond.com.au

A downloadable copy of the mentoring information is available Advance Mentoring Program Information Sheet (165kb pdf).