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Welcome to the Advance ProjectTM. Before you can access the training and resources, there are some basic questions we need to ask you.

Please follow the 2-step registration process:

Step 1: Register for the project resources. The project resources are available on the website to registered participants. Please complete the Registration Form below.

Step 2: Sign-up for the eLearning Modules, if you wish to start the online training. You can access the link to sign-up for the eLearning once you have completed Step 1 above.


Please check your email's spam or junk folder if you do not receive a confirmation email soon after completing Step 1.

Following registration, to access the project resources you will need to login to the website each time you return. In the Log In screen, you may wish to select the Remember Login option so you don't have to remember your username and password each time you return.

The Advance ProjectTM training and resources are relevant for Australian GPs, nurses working in general practices and practice managers of Australian general practices. They may also be relevant for other nurses and allied health professionals working with GPs in Australia.

Please note that by registering for the project you will receive intermittent communication from us.


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